vendredi 27 mars 2009

Parenthèse ensoleillée sous ciel menaçant



Ciel gris foncé ce matin, quelques rayons de soleil éclairent fugitivement les arbres et le hameau de Chantemerle.

Strange light upon the trees and hamlet Chantemerle under a heavy threatenin sky this morning.

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Lindab a dit…

Bonjour d'Edimbourg! You posted on Skywatch just after me, so thought I'd say hello.

I love this lurid light against the trees. Beautiful rural scene too.

Rocks a dit…

happy Skywatch Friday! Beautiful pictures :)

Anonyme a dit…

You have there so much missed green!
Also we got a blue sky this morning, but we had -16C and snow is not even start to melt! It could be a time now
to get a real spring also here, but this "Global warming " :))

Nice day to you!
My SkyWatching post in the address:

I have moved all my old posts there from Blogger.

Babooshka a dit…

It is a gorgeous area.

Elisabeth's bright side a dit…

La lumière sur les arbres sont un beau contraste avec le ciel sombre.

The light on the trees are a beatiful contrast to the dark sky.

Catherine a dit…

Curieuse effet de cette lumière sélective qui éclaire les batiments quand le ciel reste sombre et opaque.

Per Stromsjo a dit…

Over here that kind of sky can only mean one thing. Snow incoming.

Arija a dit…

Such beautiful constricted light beneath that ominous sky.

GMG a dit…

Il y a du soleil quand même... ;)

Tu as perdu une heure aujourd'hui mais il ne faut pas perdre la merveille qui est à Blogtrotter... ;))
Bon dimanche!!