mardi 10 juin 2008

U comme vues d'un ULM

Un jour, je survolerai cette région en ULM pour prendre des photos.
Deux photos extraites du livre "L'Aube vue du ciel" de Philippe Bourguignon.
Le centre du village et le hameau de Chantemerle avec le canal de jonction entre les lacs Amance et Temple.
U as ULM (ultra léger motorisé) or microlight aircraft.
One day I'll fly over this village and take lots of pics.
Two photos from the book "Aube seen from the sky" by P. Bourguignon.
The center of Radonvilliers and the Chantemezrle Hamlet with the junction canal between two lakes Amance and Temple.
More U pics on
Bonus Pronciation du U en Français "Le Bourgeois gentilhomme"

9 commentaires:

Ackworth Born a dit…

great aerial views

AphotoAday a dit…

Beautiful views...   Great perspective...
Reminds me of the time I got to go up in a glider in Germany -- it was a little scary, but a real blast.

Bergson a dit…

chiche il faut faire un baptême

reader Wil a dit…

De belles photos! Cést une bonne idée si vous survolez ce village.

leslie a dit…

Wow! What fantastic shots over the country from way UP high! Excellent post. :D

Neva a dit…

Great shots!
Mine is here.

André Lemay a dit…

Nice pictures, reminds me of the days I was in the Canadian Forces.

mrsnesbitt a dit…

I love aerial views...we had a friend who had an aeroplane, wish we had the digital camera back then!

Anonyme a dit…

That could be a fine experience!I am glad for you, so fine photos too.

We have had many cold and rainy days here recently, but hopefully next weekend will be warmer. We have here four grandchildren waiting for it and swimming in the lake.
Nice days to you!