samedi 28 juin 2008

Ski nautique sur le lac Amance

Le lac Amance est réservé aux activités nautiques motorisées et à la pêche. La voile peut se pratiquer sur les deux autres lacs Temple et Orient.
The lake Amance is reserved for motor boats, water skiing and fishers.
Sailing is possible on the two others lakes Temple and Orient.

3 commentaires:

For The People a dit…

Looks like fun!! Thanks for stopping by my place. Hope you are having a great weekend!

André Lemay a dit…

Wonder how the fisherman like having waterskiers around them? This one seems to be going very fast.

Old Wom Tigley a dit…

IT is very good that the Skiers have there own place.. so many sportsmenlike these are loosing out.

These are great action shots and captured so well.