dimanche 11 mai 2008

Pentecôte ensoleillée et fleurie

Les colonies de cygne cherchent les zones calmes sur le lac Amance envahi par les jet skis et les bateaux à moteur.
Les pivoines sont vraiment en fleur tout comme les saponnaires du Bugey qui poussent le long de notre maison à pan de bois..
Swans try to find some quiet place within the lake Amance filled by jet skiers and motor boats.
Peonies are at llast in flowers as well as some flowers picked up in the valley of Bugey near Lyon and planted some years ago in the shadow of my half-timbered house.

2 commentaires:

Old Wom Tigley a dit…

Beautiful.. nice to see them in bloom

André Lemay a dit…

You are way ahead of us, I just planted my flowers yesterday. With the exception of some wild flowers in bloom, the rest will take another couple of weeks. Beautiful pictures.