dimanche 16 mars 2008

Printemps moins 4

Prunus en fleurs dans la rue principale.
Fleur de lilas en devenir.
Les pivoines sortent de terre.
Fleurs de pervenche.
Spring minus 4 days.
Wild plum tree along the main street of Radonvilliers.
Lilac bud.
Peonies get out.
Periwinkles flowers (Vinca minor).

3 commentaires:

Old Wom Tigley a dit…

A beautiful set of picture showing that spring is near by for sure.

LeenaM a dit…

Yes, I love snow and everything , what joy it brings to us, this time of year I feel a little bit unfair because of our slow and unsteady spring. just now, when your photos show like our summer, our real summer seems to be so faraway. . .
BUT - we are planning to go to an island of Pyhäselkä over the ice during Eastern and that will be fun :)
(The weather forecast has promised night frosts, so, the ice will be strong enough.)

Have a good starting week!

Annie a dit…

Those peonies excite me. They are my absolutely favorite flower, so lush and romantic.