dimanche 2 mars 2008

Le lac Amance

Quelques documents situant le lac Amance qui borde Radonvilliers, sa liaison avec le lac du Temple, la digue de Radonvilliers que l'on peut voir sur les photos ainsi que le sommet de l'Eglise, le port Dienville et des oiseaux : cygnes et cormorans.
Some documents about the lake Amance partly on the territory of Radonvilliers, the connection canal with the lake of Temple, the Radonvilliers dyke which may be seen on the pics as the roof of its church, the harbour of Dienville and lots of birds : swans and cormorans this morning.

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Annie a dit…

The day looks serene and overcast. I do hope you had a pleasant time outdoors, taking these photos which you so generously share with us today. Thank you, Deslilas.