dimanche 16 mars 2008

Civisme à Radonvilliers

Second tour des élections municipales le dimanche 16 mars.
Deux électeurs se rendent aux urnes pour participer à l'élection des 2 conseillers municipaux qui rejoindront les 9 élus du premier tour.
Two citizens of Radonvilliers on the way to the City hall.
They are going to choose the two last city representatives for the Council.
Le drapeau national en guise de girouette.
The National flag as a windvane.

5 commentaires:

Annie a dit…

That photo of the couple walking up the street - that is a marvelous photo that evokes so much feeling in me. Joy at love that has lasted and care that is given and appreciation what they've likely given to others throughout their many years.

Deslilas a dit…

You are right Annie. These woman and man are my neighbours. He had his 90's birthday last week and his wife will be next month 92 years old. It's very touching to see them going together to the City hall each time. For them, the right of vote is a duty.

Old Wom Tigley a dit…

The top pictures as much to interest me, the old lamp. the wrought iron railing, and I wondered what that yellow box was on the wall.

Great set of pictures.

Deslilas a dit…

Olld Wom Tigley : thanks for your visits and comments.
The yellow box is a public mailbox (PTT).

Bergson a dit…

bel enchaînement de 3 photos