dimanche 15 août 2010

On l'attendait, elle est venue

La pluie annoncée depuis plusieurs semaines est arrivée dans la nuit de samedi à dimanche et a continué à tomber dans la journée. Le temps de sortir parapluies, bottes, cirés et k-way.
Expected for may weeks, the rain has comed during the night between Saturdat and Sunday. It's still raining in the afternoon. Time for umbrella, raincoats and boots.
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Leena a dit…

Greetings from the eastern part of Finland,where it`s not raining even we have been waiting it for weeks now! No blueberries in forests and now apples are falling down because of a luck of water :(
No midnight sun in August in Vaasa or here :) The day is already about five hours shorter than in the Midsummer!

I inactivated my Facebook, so I can not see the bride, but I am sure she was beautiful.
I hope, the week in Finland was good.
Nice Monday to you!

Leena a dit…

Sorry :) I was trying to write lack but it was turning much better :)

Ruth a dit…

Oh, thank goodness for the rain. But how sad for Leena in Finland.

I hardly get on Facebook at all, so I missed something about a bride. Mmm, I hope it was lovely.

Deslilas a dit…

May be I'll post some pics of the bride on this blog, she had spent some days in our cottage one year ago.