mardi 5 janvier 2010

Kickbike party




Un temps polaire rêvé pour sortir les trottinettes finlandaises.

Polar weather for enjoying kickbiking with Finnish scooters on a sunny day.
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Anonyme a dit…

You got to be kidding? Motor power scooters? LOL I would never have thought it possible on such vehicles. I remember as a kid we used to take a long board and take an old shoe roller skate apart where you would normally adjust them to make the skate fit any size shoe, and then we nailed the front of the skate on the bottom of the board and we nailed the back of the skate at the other end of the board and we used it like a scooter. And then kids got to running and flopping down on the board on their belly and coast down the sidewalk that way. Until, of course, somebody had their fingers around the board when the board hit the cement and the bare fingers got the meat rubbed off. Ouch. Amazing what kids did then to entertain themselves. Nowadays you just go to a store and buy it.

Anonyme a dit…

I have one too, but just now my kicksledge is working better :)
Abraham s stories are always so interesting and fun too to hear.

GMG a dit…

Bonjour Daniel! Tout va bien?
Je me rappele des histoires similaires à Abe; le même partout... ;)
Bon week-end!

Anonyme a dit…

Thanks for the link to YouTube for the Sun that looks like the Moon. I had never seen the sun look this way before.

Bergson a dit…

à la trotinette finlandaise j'espère l'essayer un jour
je suis rester à celle à petite roue

Ruth a dit…

Good for them, that's not easy to bundle up and be active.

I hope you will be warmer soon. Driving is a real challenge. I have a 35 minute commute.

Anonyme a dit…