dimanche 12 juillet 2009

Matin pluvieux, soirée ensoleillée





12 juillet, une fête sous un ciel incertain, la halte des collectionneurs de vieilles voiture de la Marne, l'Harmonie de Chavanges sous la tole, une éclaircie et le coucher du soleil enfin revenu.

12th July, changing weather for the Village fest, the Marne old cars fan club under the rain, Chavanges orchestra protected by a tent, a dry moment and the set of the shy sun.
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2 commentaires:

Anya a dit…

I love those old cars,
they are FANTASTIC,
i wish I could drive in it :)

Your last shot its BEAUTIFUL !!!!

Anonyme a dit…

Enormous rain got us to the town from our summer place, but I washed four carpets at lake, now I am wondering, how to get them dry :)

You got there very beautiful evening, your photo shows it so well.

I hope, your visitors will bring those things to you, what you wish :)