mardi 13 janvier 2009

Z comme zoom




Mercredi, ABC wednesday, aujourd'hui Z dernière lettre de l'alphabet. Z comme zoomer sur le clocher de l'église de Dienville à partir de la digue de Radonvilliers.

Z as zoom on the church of Dienville from the dyke in Radonvilliers.

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8 commentaires:

photowannabe a dit…

Zoom...a perfect choice for the letter Z. Nice shots of the church.

kikamz a dit…

nice zoom! i like how you presented your photos. a great choice for a Z! mine's the zoo.

Babooshka a dit…

Well done for such a difficult letter. Beautiful peaceful image

Ruth a dit…

I see some ice and snow! The church dome is a pretty shape in the landscape.

Dragonstar a dit…

Excellent zoom. I've seen some photos today that make me long for a really good zoom lens.

On behalf of the Team, thank you for participating in this round.

Kim from Hiraeth a dit…

I love these zoom shots! Well done!

GMG a dit…

Bonjour Daniel,
! J'aime bien ton zoom; comme ça on ne voit pas la glace... ;))
Ton mosaïque est superbe! Bon weékend!

Anonyme a dit…