mardi 11 novembre 2008

C'est mon monde !

Pour le première fois je rejoins le réseau "C'est mon monde" ( That's my worlde où des bloggers du monde entier présentent leur ville.
Ce blog n'a fait que cela depuis sa création, montrer les multiples aspects d'un village de moins de 400 habitants dans l'Aube.
Il n'y a plus de commerçants, de boutiques à Radonvilliers, mais des camionnettes viennent livrer pain et croissants tous les jours, et d'autres produits plusieurs fois par semaine.

For the first time I join the group "That's my world". It was the purpose of this blog dedicated to a small village of less than 400 inhabitants
If there are no more shops in this village, it's possible to buy bread each morning from one of the several baker cars.

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9 commentaires:

fishing guy a dit…

That is interesting that you have a bread truck that actually has fresh bread.

Louise a dit…

I'd like one of those trucks to pull up in front of my house every day!

Per Stromsjo a dit…

Must be a tough blow for any village when the last shop closes.

chrome3d a dit…

I admittedly had more romantic vision of the french people buying their dayily bread. It´s still good if it´s just baked.

Sandradb a dit…

I've similar situations in Croatia - I guess time of little, family shops is over due to big shopping centers. Thank you for your visit and greetings from Croatia.

Elizabeth a dit…

So glad to have discovered your blog!
Thank you for alerting me to the error on mine.

jos a dit…

nice to see our house on the internet.
we are the ourners of the last house dowm to the lake.
also more than 10 yaers in radon.
thanks for all those nice foto's you are showing on thise site

Dominique a dit…

J'ai la chance d'habiter un village où il y a encore trois commences et une école. Cela doit faire une grosse différence d'ambiance.

Celeste a dit…

What a wonderful thought - fresh bread delivered to your village - I envy you! Great post :)