dimanche 16 décembre 2007

Le Grand Breuil

Le Grand Breuil entre le village et le lac Amance, sous le niveau de l'eau quand le lac est rempli.
The "Grand Breuil" between the main hamlet and the lake Amance, under the level of the lake when it is full.

4 commentaires:

smilnsigh a dit…

Under the level of the lake?


Deslilas a dit…

@ Mari-Nanci
Thanks for your comment.
Our lake is a reservoir and in summer at its higher level it's 137 or 138 meters above the sea level as most of the center village is under 130 m.
In winter it is empty so to be able to get and stock the extra flow in spring which used to overflow here and further for instance in Paris.

Per Stromsjo a dit…

With all the green, it's hard to imagine this is in fact winter...

Annie a dit…

I am wondering if there is wildlife living in and around those canals. I imagine there must be.

And thank you for identifying the mushrooms in my front yard. They do look like russelle emetique.