dimanche 18 novembre 2007

Le clocher de l'église avant août 1917

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Annie a dit…

Here's a noisy hello from me to you,

Ooh, where is the spire?

The windows are the same, nice to see.

smilnsigh a dit…

We only just met, and already he calls me Darling... -smile-

I'm kidding with you. That was a line from a song, perhaps... {Your comment in my on line photo journal entry.}

Thank you for visiting and commenting, that you like my frosted rose. I'm quite in love with it myself, and dread having to put a new entry up, tomorrow! I love it so that I want to leave it, as the first photo one sees, on coming to my on line photo journal. -smile-


smilnsigh a dit…

I love your pattern of showing old photos of places... And the present day views of them. How wonderful that you have access to these old photos. A treasure!


Jim a dit…

I love the old and new pictures. Your site is wonderful.

Old Wom Tigley a dit…

This is very good, shame the steple did not survive