samedi 3 septembre 2011

Samedi matin, 3 septembre 2011

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Ruth a dit…

Nice views.

I have been to Vezelay in fact! In college, on study abroad. It is possibly my best memory, though I did not pay much attention to Mary Magdalen in those days. But we visited the basilica. We stayed in a youth hostel there, ate meals in a big open dining room with open windows to the fields and night. All courses: soup, salad, meat, potatoes, served in the same bowl one after the other. Slept that night in the churchyard with a few friends, sneaking out with our professor. Woke up to poppies, fields, the church, the whole town. Magnificent!

Then later I learned about the history with MM and all ...


Gerald (Hyde DP) a dit…

Love the second photo with the wall and gates.