dimanche 6 septembre 2009

La route du Temple



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Que se passe t il sur la route du Temple ?
Un chat à l'affût et l'autre Elliott, un beauceron français, arrive avec son maître. Nous pourrons jouer librement le long de la digue.

What's new along the road du Temple ?
A cat looking at me and another Elliott, youinger and bigger than I am is coming with its master. Soon we'll play together along the lake Amance.

5 commentaires:

Anya a dit…

Its so lovely to play with a CAT ;)
Great shots today !!!

Anya a dit…

Hi Deslilas
Your linky is not correct
by pet pride ?!?

greetings Anya :)

magiceye a dit…

have fun!!
have deleted the wrong link ;)


Pet Pride

Glennis a dit…

What a good dog, allowing a cat to watch him without chasing the kitty cat. Pat Pat pat for a good dog.

Sherrie a dit…

Beautiful dog! He looks so regal sitting there looking on. Have a great day!