samedi 20 juin 2009

Jeux de balle et trempoline Pet Pride




Fin mars 2009, bocker, ballon et trempoline.

Three months old bocker playing with ball and trempoline.

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9 commentaires:

magiceye a dit…

hey bocker! good to see you around again! how have you been? you sure seem to be having fun!!
am sure you will enjoy visiting others at Pet Pride


jabblog a dit…

Beautiful! What fun your little pup is having.

i beati a dit…

I just got an older one !1sandy

Anya a dit…

Hi Bocker
Lovely shots from you !!!
Nice to meet you :)

hug from
Kareltje =^.^=

BJ Roan a dit…

The ball is bigger than the puppy. Too cute!

Sylvia K a dit…

What a great looking little guy you are! And you do seem to be having fun! Sam said to tell you, he'd love to play with you.

Greyscale Territory a dit…

What a dear little guy! Obviously he loves a good game!

Bruce a dit…

What a cutie:)

Dianne a dit…

what a cutie!! and very athletic