mardi 14 avril 2009

Couleur lilas




ABC wednesday L comme lilas, fleur de lilas et couleur lilas de pensée et de pivoine en bouton. Et M comme mistake ou malentendu .

L for lilac, the flower of lilac and the color of some other flowers violet and peony bud. And also M for mistake, I've just noticed that today is a M wednesday !

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7 commentaires:

Anonyme a dit…

Your "M" is certainly a different M ;)

Now I would like to know, are these lilac from this spring.
Our bckyard is still covered by a thick snow !!

Nice spring days to you!

Babooshka a dit…

This is the prettiest mistake I have ever seen.

Miss_Yves a dit…

"M" comme "mistake" ou malentendu: never mind !
Cela nous a permis de constater l'épanouissement des fleurs , pivoines et lilas et d'admirer de jolies nuances de
mauve .

Deslilas a dit…

Yes, the lilac was shot this morning in our garden. We have had a very nice day -sunny and warm (23° celsius)-and the thunderstorm has just begun this evening.

Joy a dit…

Love the L that is M.

Tumblewords: a dit…

Marvelous! Any way you look at it! :)

Catherine a dit…

Alors là, ce sera très certainement le M le plus original de cette semaine.
On peut dire Mauve aussi, non ?!
(je ne participe pas à ABC, je passais juste par là)