dimanche 14 septembre 2008

Fleurs du jour

Lundi, ce n'est pas seulement "ravioli" mais aussi "Today's flowers".
Aujourd'hui, la seule fleur de "Suzanne aux yeux noirs" qui a bien voulu pousser sur mes trois pieds cette année. Et une fleur d'un petit tournesol à cinq jours d'intervalle.
Monday it's not only the ravioli day (cf the movie : La vie est un long fleuve tranquille" but also Today's flowers.
I show the single flower produce out of my three "Dark eyed Suzanne" plants and a flower of a little sunflower five days ago and this morning.
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5 commentaires:

dot a dit…

Simple and sweet and oh so pretty!

fishing guy a dit…

Very nicely done in yellow, beautiful photos.

Inkivääri, Finland a dit…

Just beauties - I love them both:)

Your EG Tour Guide a dit…

I love these flowers. Both are grown as annuals here in Canada. The black-eyed Susan vine is popular for growing in hanging planters. And everyone smiles when they see sunflowers.

Krisu a dit…

Very lovely, both. Thanks for sharing.

(my blog doesn't exist in blogger any more. So the link goes to the wrong place. Here is the right adress: http://krisuh.wordpress.com)