dimanche 10 août 2008

Le lac Amance vu du ciel

Quelques photos prises par ma fille Anna hier au cours d'un vol en ULM.
Le canal de jonction entre Amance et Temple avec le hameau de Chantemerle.
L'Aube, Mathaux, Radonvilliers et le lac Amance.
Some pics shot by Anna, my daughter when she was flying yesterday.
The canal between the two lakes Amance and Temple.
The river Aube, the two villages Mathaux, Radonvilliers and the lake Amance.
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4 commentaires:

Anonyme a dit…

Beautiful photography.

André Lemay a dit…

Photos très bien réussits.

Anonyme a dit…

By what kind of thing did she fly? silly me, I can not understand. A balloon or ??

Anyway, she has taken very fine photos!

Ackworth Born a dit…

never mind the dahlias
these are my kind of shot - love the first especially
like the rainbows on your earlier post too