mardi 27 mai 2008

S comme soleil, semailles et ombres

S comme lever du soleil sur le lac Amance, sillons et semences, soleil et ombres sur le Breuil.
ABC wednesday : S.
S as sun rise over the lake Amance, S as sky and sun, sun and shadows.
Plus de photos, more pics on

8 commentaires:

marlow a dit…

beautiful shots, the right feeling of a summer morning,
happy ABC Wednesday

Ida a dit…

Beautiful series.
Lovely - all of them! :)

My S

Sharon a dit…

Wonderful! That picture of the bird and it's reflection is amazing! I like the wheat, it reminds me of Kansas, where I lived for awhile.I see what you mean about sharing inspirations! I like that your dogs shadow is there with yours!

John a dit…

Great set of photos for the S!

Kostas a dit…

Marvellous photographs with beautiful subjects

Old Wom Tigley a dit…

4 fab pictures but the grass is stunning.

Catherine a dit…

My favorite is the wheat field.

suklaatia =) a dit…

kauniita kuvia!
beautiful photos!