mardi 1 janvier 2008

Bonne année 2008

Une nouvelle année pour l'Aube sur le lac Amance.
A fine new year for Aube on the lake Amance.

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macky a dit…

I would be happy if I was surrounded by such nature like your photos.

Thanks for the comment on my blog and happy new year!!

from macky

Bergson a dit…

Un cheval de feu superbe

Kate a dit…

Yes, nature is photographed beautifully on your blogs. Very, very nice!!

Annie a dit…

It looks to be a beautiful new year there in your town, Deslilas.

Bill a dit…

Especially love the shot of the horse. Very well done. Thanks for your visit, and have a great New Year!


Joy a dit…

That is such a lovely photo of the sky and with the horse in silhouette it's really a great shot!

Happy 2008!

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