jeudi 29 novembre 2007

Trois puits de Radonvilliers

Le puits derrière la Mairie.
Un puits dans la rue du Cray.
Le puits de la villa des Cités ( quatre logements destinés initialement à des ouvriers de la poterie).
Three wells in Radonvilliers : the first one is behind the city hall, the second in the street "du Cray" and the last one close to the villa of the Cités ( fours attached small houses for some workers of a potery)

4 commentaires:

Annie a dit…

I hope they are all working wells, still giving up their gifts of water to those who thirst.

Ruth a dit…

What's this, new site!

So many nice old things around you.

They don't let us sign in as "other" any more. It's me, Ruth:

Old Wom Tigley a dit…

Well I never..;o)
Great pictures, I have missed calling by, but as I'm now feeling better I'm playing catchp.. I can see I have missed some good post here. I'll call again soon and do more catching up.

smilnsigh a dit…

I especially love the first and third.