dimanche 25 novembre 2007

Deux statues, la désolation et l'innocence

Monument funéraire d'une fille Mielle.
Statue de la fontaine de l'ancien abreuvoir sur la route de Brienne

3 commentaires:

Kerri a dit…

Your photos of the statues are very nice. Thanks for your comment on my blog!

RuneE a dit…

An excellent idea with old and new pictures of the same places and objects. It always puts things in perspective. Looks like nice place.

I know I should be writing this in French, but I am afraid I am not up to it any more (three years of French at school more years ago than I care to remember, though I can still read a bit). I'll have to take the course I'm always talking about.

PS Thank your the nice comment about the Bunad!

Annie a dit…

The first statue provokes great sadness from the viewer. The second gets a little smile of delight.