mercredi 10 octobre 2007

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Why my wife born in Finland and me born in Paris we felt in love with this spot (Radonvilliers, Brienne, Forêt d'Orient...) twenty years ago and made up our mind to buy a half-timbered old cottage.

fr RSS 2.0 Generator Owing to the blog of Ruth, I've discovered the name of the tree "Sumac" and now I notice sumacs everywhere in the woods, near the lakes, in some gardens... Once more, it's important to put a name on something. The house next to the churchyard of La Chaise has a sumac fence and a bigger […]]]>

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Some days ago, I was walking along the streets and lanes of Fuligny looking after the oldest castle of the family de Compiègne and some memories of Agnès one of the sister of Olivier Messiaen. I didn't find what I was searching but I noticed that snoozing cat. Je marchais dans les rues et sen[…]]]>

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Monday 8th october 13:36:54 first photo of the season for a flight of very noisy migrating cranes. I heard several other flights the days before without seeing them. They were very far this time. Then while I was biking I saw them walking on the wild side of the lake of the lake[…]]]>

Mon, 08 Oct 2007 10:56:00 +0200
Datura stramonium in the village of Unienville. It has several name in french : sorcerer's grass, stramoine, mole grass, sleepsender (l'endormeuse) ... and it's very toxic. Herbe à taupe ou herbe des sorciers dans un champ d'Unienville. La daturu stramoine ou endormeuse prod[…]]]>
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The park and the castle of Brienne le Château from the forest. Le parc et le château de Brienne le château vus de la forêt. […]]]>

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The castle built by the Dupont de Compiègne around 1860 in the village of La Chaise. A beautiful windvane. Le château construit par la famille des Dupont de Compiègne dans les années 1860 au village de La Chaise. Sa girouette.[…]]]>

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Life and death side by side.. Vie et mort côte à côte..[…]]]

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Near the church of La Chaise a circular waterpump and a spider work. Près de l'église de La Chaise, une pompe à godet et l'oeuvre d'une araignée[…]]]>

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